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About Me

"We think we are the doctors,
but we are the disease."

Alex Melamid

I have been an artist for nearly four decades, living and working in Brooklyn, New York. While I have participated in numerous shows and exhibits over the years, I am more interested in alternative methods for sharing my work.


In 1992, I joined an arts collective in Manhattan called the School of Bayonne. Organized by Russian expatriate artists Alex Melamid and Vitaly Komar, the group developed a radical approach to art collaboration. Among its creations were the world's first art radio station, an art newspaper and a commercial start-up called "Oil on Foil."

Since that time, I have continued to create work in the revolutionary spirit of SOB. Below are a few of my thoughts about the nature of art today and about contemporary art making.


Art heals like religion does for some people. It provides a sanctuary for healing. Loneliness is a killer ... To be alone and enhanced is what true art does.


To be an artist, you must be willing
to take risks. You must sacrifice.

Tarkovsky took risks. Fellini took risks.

Charlie Chaplin took risks.


The government is smart. It gives us a few crumbs to keep us from taking their asses out.

Artists kill the mediocracy designed by governments to keep us in order..


Artists give the finger to the world.

They carve their own path.

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